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Safe Hiking with Your Dog

Taking to the trails is a great summertime activity, and there is no reason not to bring along your four-legged friend. You should be aware of some basic precautions to keep your dog safe. These tips will make your hike safe and enjoyable.

- If you are taking your dog off-leash, be sure that he is allowed to roam free in your hiking area. Be aware that even the most obedient dog might chase a newly discovered critter. Only let your dog free if he follows your commands reliably.

- To train your dog not to follow other dogs on the trail, offer him a treat each time he stays by you as your pass other hikers and their pets.

- Make sure that your dog has your current address and phone information on a tag attached to his collar or harness.
- If you are going into a wooded area, do not use an extending leash. You could end up spending more time untangling your dog’s leash than actually hiking.

- Bring enough water for both you and your animal companion. Your dog should not drink from puddles, ponds, or streams, as they could contain harmful parasites or toxins.

- Finally, although it may be tempting not to, be sure to scoop up after your pet. This is respectful to both native wildlife and other hikers.

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